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Dreaming about owning a 1964-65 vox phantom2 in blue color here you go with this really nice exemple in really good condition with original case and prefect set up Hank tremolo and single coil vox v2 pick ups this version is made in uk

Some info from vox showroom website :

The Vox Phantom Guitar - UK Production 1963-68

JMI made a major revision to their guitar line in 1963, largely made possible by their development of vastly improved pickups, bridges and tremolo units. Vox replaced both the Phantom I and II with one new six string Phantom model that would take advantage of these new components.

The Phantom was now equipped with three Vox V.2. single coil pickups. The Vox V.2. pickup had a white plastic pickup cover with six exposed pole pieces, similar to the pickups Fender installed on a Stratocaster. While the ends of the Fender pickup covers were round, the ends of the V.2. pickups were square. The three position rotary pickup selector from the 1962 Phantom I was retained for the new Phantom.

Vox also equipped the new Phantom with the upgraded "Hank B. Marvin Tremolo Unit." Hank B.

Marvin was the highly regarded lead guitarist with the UK guitar instrumental band,

, "The

Shadows." He was famous for his tasteful use of the tremolo arm while soloing. The "Hank" tremolo unit was a two piece system that included a Bigsby like roller action tailpiece and a micro adjustable bridge. The tailpiece casting featured the inscribed signature of Hank B Marvin.

While the 1962 Phantom I and I guitars were offered exclusively in a satin black polyester finish, white was added for 1963. Red, green and two shades of blue (light and medium) were added in 1964.

Vox phantom 2 1964

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