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Faithful reproduction of the Gibson single coil of 1946. The flat, wide coils provide more power and are more powerful than, say, in the middle Strat or Tele single coil. Just as before, the SP90-1 is wound with bare, enameled copper wire on the same Leesona winding machine as the originals in the 1950s. Sweet soft clay. Ideal for country, jazz, swing, blues, rockabilly, classic rock and heavy rock.

- P90 soapbar style guitar pickup

- tight low end punch and mean midrange growl

- bridge position

- single coil

- Alnico V magnets

- wax potted

- DC resistance 9.7 kOhm

- 1 conductor hook-up cable with braided shield

- medium output

- black

- made in USA

Seymour Duncan P90 SP90-1b

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