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The Reu-o-Grande is a Marhall JCM800 2203 - 100 watt tube amp, tuned by Thomas Reussenzehn in 1986....the amp is not only a pleasure for the eyes, it is a rock machine merciless with 2 channels and an effects loop.

(The JCM800 head was developed from the legendary 100 watt "Plexi" head, an all-valve sound monster served at "11"

Pure Marshall sound: the 2203 model is considered as the best JCM800 amp

The 100-watt master volume head was the heart of the series and still remains the #1 sonic benchmark today when it comes to honest, open and ruthlessly harmonic-rich lead sound.

Technical characteristics :

- Type: Head

- Power (RMS): 100 watts

- Channels: 2

- Pre-amp Valves: 3 X ECC83

- Power amp valves: 4 X EL34

- Dimensions (mm): 750 x 310 x 210

- Weight (kg): 20.5 Kg

- 3-band EQ

- Effects loop

Thomas Reussenzehn tube history number:


"Invention" of Marshall Tuning for Rodgau Monotones- sparked a huge boom, half the stage was playing Reu- Marshall tuned in Germany from Bap to Tote Hosen.

Marshall jcm 800 2203 Reu O Grande custom built

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