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Original vintage 1970s UK made Orange OR112

Kinda (OD-120 Mk Il) in excellent working condition.

Finding a stack and original is pretty rare let’s say it like this

just been serviced, and she's ready for another 40 years

The OR-112m is one of the rarest of the orange amps, essentially an OD-120 (master volume OR120), same 4x el34 configuration, with a cosmetically"different" faceplate, and slightly reworked FAC selector module with 5 settings. I'll roughly describe them from left to right as, BASS; Bass; normal; high gain; TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

These amps has been made only one year

I've had many oranges and matamps over the years. And I have to say, this is one of the best, rarest, and most underrated model.

Whisper quiet even at massive volume, suuuuuper crunchy and creamy, and almost Sunn0)) model T flavored.

Cosmetically in overall good condition, with only the light and normal exterior tolex used

The cabinet grill cloth has been painted black

Speakers are original Celestion G12 T-75

Orange 0R112 head & cabinet 1979

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