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Made In 1981-1982

This wonderful mark 2B 1x12 EV loaded combo in blonde tolex finish is a must have for sure

The Mark IIB is the first guitar amplifier with a tube-buffered effects loop.

This Mark IIB is 100 watt amp that allows shifting down to 60 Watts by turning off the pair of Power Tubes. It features a single electro voice 12" speaker. Four of the pots have pull functions; The Volume 1 is pull for Bright, the Treble is pull shift, lead drive is pull lead, (ie enable the lead channel) and lead master is pull bright. It offer both Reverb &

Presence which are pots on the backside of the amp.

The switchable channels allow for a choice between clean sound and distorted sound.

Recently serviced and ready to play

In a really good condition with blonde tolex

From the first owner

Mesa boogie mark 2B

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