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Made in 1978 first year of production

Marshall did not made a lot of these, rare being the word, cabinet in brown elephant grain tolex has been painted in black and as original light brown grill cloth.

4xEL34 80watts

These have a reputation for being a clean amps.

this is slightly unwarranted in my opinion as channel one on the amp does have boost and bright switch

and a Master volume

Channel one with a Les Paul is instant classic rock heaven.

The second channel has beautiful cleans and is perfectly voiced for a Strat, the circuit of the second channel is somewhat similar to a fender twin.

so yes its a two channel amp, this has a spring reverb, beautiful cleans and it takes pedals like a charm - its a perfect recording amp and very, very versatile.

This has its original transformers and Marshall McKenzie labelled speakers

This Model was famously used by SRV for a short period of time

It weight 26kg

Marshall Club and country 4140

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