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1979 Gibson ES-347 Natural


GIBSON manufactured the ES-347 TD between 1978 and 1991.


This ES-335 style thinline semi-hollow body had a coil tap switch, block markers on an ebony fretboard, fine tuning tailpiece and, on earlier models, a brass nut, like the one we offer also the neck is a maple neck as other model at tha time had mahogany.


The ES-347 TD had a somewhat brightner tone and better sustain than most other Gibson ES guitars - due to the brass nut and they way the bridge was mounted on two 5/8" brass studs.


Pickups were intially two high output Series VII Super Humbuckers but were changed to "Dirty fingers" humbuckers during the 1980s..


she also have the TP-6 tail piece as used on BBKing 355


This guitar is fully original from the first owner and unfortunatly has not the original case 


What a great guitar 

Gibson ES347 1979

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