Genz Benz El Diablo 1200 CHF

Genz Benz Flex 4x12 caninet 600chf


EL 34-powered Genz-Benz El Diablo 100W is the ideal match for Genz-Benz enclosures.


A dual-channel tube preamp platform with the incredible capability of 12 unique remote tone variations is easily accessible via the 5-button footswitch. An Accutronics long-pan reverb is onboard for adding lush character to your tone.

Rear Panel:
50W/100W output selector offers
the tone and feel of 2 different amps
Dual speaker jacks with impedance selector switch and impedance calculator
Direct output section: XLR frequency-compensated with ground lift, 1/4" line out, 0dB or -20dB switch
Effects loops: indiv