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Rosac Electronics. created  Ed from Mosrite, and designer of the famous FuzzRite, is the one who made this pedal.

The NU-Fuzz came first. And with the demand of Wah's in the late 60's, Rosac made the NU-Wah. Ed Sanner decided to combine the two and now you're looking at the pedal for sale!


The FUZZ sounds so great, like a standalone NU-Fuzz!

the effects interact separately as well as in conjunction with one another giving the player a tone like no other. This is a very fun pedal. There are many combinations of tone and grittiness that can be altered in many ways to fit different song styles.
All electronics (volume, tone, 2 foot switches) and inputs and outputs have been tested, 100% functional.

Rosac electronics Nu Wah fuzz

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