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Second hand and like new we offer this wonderful Friedman head

The Pink Taco V2 is the little baby sister to the critically acclaimed BE-100 and was created for the many musicians who have been asking for the Friedman sound in a small, compact, lightweight, simplified format

Handcrafted in the USA, the Pink Taco V2 head utilizes tongue and groove Baltic Birch construction.

A lot of people don’t believe a EL-84 amp can deliver the tight bottom end and midrange that an EL-34 amp can produce.

The Pink Taco V2 proves otherwise! Dave designed this amp to sound like a 100 watt EL-34 monster, utilizing custom transformers and the clearest signal path possible.

Plug into to Pink Taco V2 and you will notice instantly, the tight bottom end and rich harmonically detailed chords and single notes. This amp cleans up remarkably well with the guitar’s volume control, even with the amp on higher gain settings.

Dave Friedman has been designing and building guitar rigs for the stars since the early nineties. After two decades of modding amplifiers and consulting for other well-known amplifier companies, Dave has finally brought his talent to a new line of production amps under his name Friedman Amplification.

The Pink Taco V2 is Dave’s latest version of this now legendary hand-wired, 20-watt, EL84 powered fire breather. Capable of producing many styles of music from blues to classic rock and from heavy rock to metal by just adjusting the gain and master control and new added switches.

Friedman Pink Taco V2

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