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Rare early 2000’s BadCat Hot Cat 30 2x10

Superb version of this combo that was mainly made in 1x12 an 2x12 configuration

This 2x10 version is rare and sounds just awsome

Made in the Mark Sampson era

30 watts of high gain wonderland straight in your face

Solid state or rectifier switch GZ34

2xEL34 powered

Two channels non switchable option

One clean and one high gain with lots of option as :

Gain, Edge, level, treble middle bass, brillance, and master volume


The tolex is not in perfect condition as it has been scratched a bit by a cat but t overall is ok and the sound is just so amazing that with this price you should not even hesitate

Those who own these amps know how great they are

Bad cat Hot cat 30 2x10

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