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B&G Guitars Little Sister Crossroads

Cutaway Model with P-90 Pickups

Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar!

Following the tremendous success and recognition of the original Private Build Little Sister, B&G set out to create a new version of the guitar that would be truly accessible to all players. With careful work and determination, they developed the Crossroads series – a production variant of the Little Sister which offers classic B&G looks and construction at a more affordable price point. While some specs had to change, they did not compromise on their quest for tone.

The Little Sister Crossroads series are built from high quality tone-woods including African Mahogany for body and neck, Katalox for the fingerboard, and a solid Maple top. Solid brass hardware and a high-gloss finish help maintain the look, resonance and tonal qualities of the original Little Sister

B&G Little Sister Crossroad midnight ocean

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