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Analogman sunface NKT 275 red dot transistor

This thought after pedal dosent need lots of presentstion

With box and papers as in the picture

About the nkt transistor from analogman web page :

Red Dot NKT275 transistors

We also had gotten a large batch of "red dot" NKT275. These don't look identical to the original ones, they may have been be relabeled but have similar specs. These are not quite as clean or clear sounding as the white dot. The red dot do not get as sparkly clean when you back down the volume, but they have a longer, smoother range when backing down the volume knob so it's easier to find just the right amount of fuzz. They have a cool smoky, bluesy tone, a little softer and darker. They definately have some MOJO in the sound. They are a little more finicky and tougher to dial in, especially at various temperatures, so the sundial has a WIDE range on these. We ran out of these again in late 2015.

Analogman Sunface nkt red dot

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