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Built in 1994, this Fender Jaguar sunburst made in Japan at the Fuji-Gen plant. These are excellent, very high quality instruments and this 1962 Jaguar Reissue example is in great condition.

The Fender Jaguar appeared in 1962 as the top of the line, with a shorter than usual (24 inch) scale length targeted at Gibson players. It had the offset waist design pioneered with the 1958 Fender Jazzmaster, and narrow single coil pickups with metal comb shielding, and the Jazzmaster's elaborate preset electronics.

The Made In Japan Fender guitars exhibit just outstanding quality and this example is in good condition but has some ding from playing intensively . It's been recently set up, and comes with gig bag.

1994 Fender Jaguar sunburst 1962 reissue

CHF1'000.00 Prix original
CHF800.00Prix promotionnel
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